Once a Week

Naber Dowd

Bad Wonder

This Work

Once a Week is a virtual transition of Naber Dowd’s ritual sanctuary. This work consists of an altar and a collection of personal items that are attached to the memory. The items found from eBay are 3D-scanned and placed inside a virtual cathedral, where Naber regularly visits every Sunday. Once a Week will be on display at knstvrn from Dec 29, 2020, until Feb 14, 2021. However, this virtual space is always accessible.

Naber Dowd, b.1993 in Cheboksary, Russia, is a conceptual artist working with found and collected objects together with virtual space, computer-generated graphics, and animation. Their work uses the internet and eBay as a resource, both real and imaginative, for extensive research, worldbuilding, and buying and selling purposes. Since 2018, they are based in Brussels with their two cats Ryo and Rebis.

knstvrn is the artistic attempt to implant a non-commercial program in the center of Bad Wonder. It is a platform for contemporary art with the challenge to generate a place where conventions can step back, and new concepts and ideas can emerge. knstvrn is an experimental space for those who want to form an intellectual union and question economic and political power relations.